Sunday, December 27, 2015

List - Bucketed

I've been reflecting a lot on 'if not now, then when?'. I often wonder (when
the glass is half empty) what life holds next for me. Sometimes I also wonder (when the glass is half full) what I hold next for life. I decided to make a list of odd/interesting things I have done and enjoyed thus far, just to see what kind of perspective it would bring me. The spirit of the ah-ha moment means you don't see it coming. So while I do not particularly have a bucket list of must-do items, I do have a few lines yet to fill, which brings me to the ponderment of 'if not now, then when?'.

I have . . . .

- Danced down Main Street in an official Disneyland parade
- Traveled alone through Europe with no plan
- Been selected from the audience to be on a TV show
- Won numerous radio contests (including $1,000, a trip to NY and
   various restaurant cards)
- Sung Jingle Bells at a crowded United Airlines gate to get an upgrade to
   first class
- Had triplets
- Spent New Year's Eve on the Champs-ElyseƩs in Paris
- Quit a career on the spot to begin a new one, across the country
- Organized a Locks of Love event that produced 286 ponytails (26 lbs. of
- Threw a dart at a U.S. map and relocated to the nearest big city
- Took a solo driving trip around the U.S. (to get to that city and back)
   covering 23 states plus the lower part of 2 Provinces in Western Canada
- Camped under the desert stars with strangers I met on I-25 in New
   Mexico (on the way to that city)
- Lived in 11 U.S. cities (as a result of that dart)
- Drove solo through another 5 states (as a result of the relocations
   instigated by that that dart)

Reading this back to myself, I realize that every single thing on this list has been a spontaneous event. Very little if any forethought was involved. I'm not saying that has always been a positive outcome initially, but eventually for sure. The ah-ha that has now been produced is that if you put yourself in the right frame of mind and place, and allow yourself some freedom, interesting and amazing circumstances can develop.

What's next??





Thursday, December 24, 2015

Almost There

Only one more night after tonight, and Elfie will be on his way back to Santa's home at the North Pole. Another year that my children believe, another year I almost forget, every. single. night. to move the damn elf. But it really is worth it. There have been just a hint of questions about how Christmas works. Mostly a slight curiosity. In an instant it vanishes when the subject changes to what they want from Santa. But I wonder. When will they know? Will they let on? Will they spoil it for the ones in our home who still believe? Are we almost there? I hope not.

While we haven't placed formal wagers, my money is on my daughter to spill it, just to torture they other two. In an Ally McBeal style moment of thought, I envisioned her sobbing and devastated because she had 'ruined' Christmas for everyone. Indeed, if she did spill the beans, she would not have done it to eliminate Santa, only to torture her brothers. She unwittingly however, does things to torture them that backfire, and this would be the granddaddy of them. Thus, late at night, after my husband has obligingly cut paper and wrapped gifts (because I have been injured and spent too much time at the ER from self-inflicted sharp object accidents) I find myself in the garage peeling packing labels off boxes. This is where I imagine my daughter discovering the sender of said boxes and sharing her discovery with her brothers.

When I was a child, we posted our wish lists on the refrigerator. My brother and I still are convinced that we never got a single thing from those labored over lists. Maybe so, maybe not. I do know that my mother believes it's what the giver wants to give, not what the recipient wants. I suppose that's one way to look at it. My husband and I have not been particularly creative or overly romantic/demonstrative over the years with our holiday gifts. It's less important to us than the rest of the year. I used to really like the element of surprising him, but I'd rather he really enjoy what he gets, or just skip gifts altogether. So we ask each other. The kids are delighted when he and I open the gifts and it's good for them to see us exchange an item of affection. This is where I think Santa for my kids is exciting. Everything is still new to them at seven years old. Everything is exciting and full of wonder. While we don't go overboard with their gifts. Just enough for them to enjoy that fast fading bastion of childhood beliefs in something mystical, fun and exciting. I don't know when that will change, but every passing year brings us closer to it. Almost there. But not just yet.

For as long as they believe, I will.

Found Around

Found hiding in a bedroom he's never been in before.

 Elfie left a little surprise for the kids. 
Elf sweetened lip balm in sugar cookie, candy cane and hot cocoa!

 He was looking down at the Elf village we built for him one last time. Tonight he goes back to the North Pole!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hanging Around

Yesterday Elfie was chewing on a candy cane in the house, 
upside down of course. 

This morning, the kids were distraught when they could not find him. I wondered aloud of they had been behaving well enough to make him want to stay. Because we're creating a police state, of course. 

He was found, perched on my rear view mirror in the car. I guessed that he missed the cold, since we actually have ice on the windows here on the West coast. Despite the fact that our friend's elf Trina, had a to build a snowman out of TP. No snow in Michigan right now as it turns out. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More Silliness

He hid behind the sunflowers.

Then he tried to pass himself off as a Christmas card.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Marshmallows & Candy Canes

         The kids freaked out when they could not find him. He was perched on our older son's dresser. Then, he moved again and decided to have a marshmallow milkshake with candy cane straws. The squeals the kids let out when they find him each time are worth all of it. 


And of course, he HAD to take a marshmallow bath. 
No doubt he stirred the 'water' with his candy cane 
to make it just the right temperature.