Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Little Behind

Got a little 'behind' in my posts. You writer's group gal pals of mine will know  just what I mean by this. For the rest of you, I present . . .

Season's Greetings!
(a pictorial)

Enjoying some quality time with the Big Guy, 
under the watchful eye of the Tree Angel

Playing 'hide and seek' amidst the flowers
while he thinks of his next move . . .

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Busy Little Elf

This guy has been busy! I'm pretty sure he was perched up on this high shelf to watch the monster storm we just had. Or maybe he just needed a shelf.

And who needs crossfit when you have to climb on counter tops and your kids' table and chairs just to help your Elf learn how to zip line? I mean, he had to do it, so I had to help him.

He better appreciate it. He better be putting in a really good word for me with the big guy. Which could be Santa, or my husband.

A Studious Elf, He Is

Elfie had his nose stuck in this book all day. Makes us wonder if he has snow tricks up his sleeve.  He better not make a mess.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Homesick, Then Hungry . . .

Poor little Elfie. When the kids went looking for him, again, they could not find him. This year he is getting more crafty at hiding. But I didn't get the feeling he was actually hiding. Sure enough, he was head first in a graham cracker box. 

I told the kids we need to leave him some food. So we got candy canes and we'll see if he likes them. 

After that adventure, he seemed to need a nap. He chose the highest shelf of the tallest window, and it appears he is taking a liking to the California 'winter'.