Saturday, November 8, 2008


Childproofing. What comes to mind when you hear this word? A gate perhaps? A cabinet lock? Those might be helpful - if you have just one baby. With three, I am not sure I even know where to start. So far we have mats on the floor, covered with an assortment of toys, blankets and drool.

But recently, Little Man has begun to do the "army crawl', and is picking up speed by the hour. He is loud, busy and on a mission - ALL. THE. TIME. So what did we get? The LMCS! The Little Man Containment System. It's brilliant. A fence that goes around the living room and keeps Little Man inside. But it doesn't stop him from getting into mischief within the gates of the Tripletorium. I'm telling you, he is one busy boy.

We are in so much trouble when he learns how to walk. And he is just one of the three. Missy Mouse rolls around trying to grab things, but she is a little slacker, and less interested in doing anything that requires work. She is happy to snatch a toy from one of her brothers though if it happens to be within her reach. I acn just see it now. They will conspire, climb up on each others' shoulders, whatever it takes to get into trouble. Some days I can't take the noise of their screaming and crying. But I know the day I hear nothing, I should be suspicious.

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