Monday, May 25, 2009

My Children’s President 1/2009

I am not a political person. Don’t get me wrong. I have opinions on issues. Admittedly though, they are mostly rooted in emotions. Some might call that ignorant. Perhaps. I am an intelligent person, and I read the news, I pay attention to elections, wars and global situations. I am aware of local problems. But largely I try to pay attention to my own family and my local community.

I can safely say that I did not react to things as profoundly as I do now, before the birth if my children. So when watching the inauguration of Barack Obama, I was both surprised and not surprised to find myself welling up with tears. The ceremony of it all is elegant and compelling. But back to my local community, which now includes my one year old triplets, I realized that though the babies were born under George W. Bush, Barack Obama is the first president of whom they will be cognizant. When they are four years old in 2012, there will be another election. Obama will run, no doubt, and we will discuss it in our house. Being the little sponges kids are, they will hear his name, know the word president, and ask what an election is.

Good, bad and neutral, this is part of my children’s future. I usually only allow them to watch one of two children’s programs on TV. But today, I had the inauguration on, and they were silent. They watched, they listened, and one fell asleep.

Watching the hopeful eyes of so many in the Washington DC crowd, and in Kenya, it would be easy to say they are caught up in the drama of it all. But I do believe it goes beyond that. It’s impossible as a parent not to think about what lies ahead for our children. When Pastor Rick Warren spoke about the freedom by which we are all united, not race, not religion, but by freedom, I have never been more grateful. That freedom allows me personally to have triplets, to have choices, for my children to have choices.

I hope as Obama said, that my children and others “. . . will all have a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness”. Our country chose this man to lead. I have hope that my children's president will be every bit as successful as the hope in all of those eyes.

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