Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Driver Ed

Warning: rant ahead. It really bugs me that people move their shopping carts the way they drive. They are on phones, wandering aimlessly, and completely oblivious to everyone else. Why is that? How hard is it really, to just watch where you’re going? I’m hard pressed to decide which is worse: the grocery store, Costco or the freeways . At Costco, the aisles, carts and items are bigger than at the grocery store. This might lead a person to believe that there is more room for you to move around. In actuality, it leads people to believe there is more room for you to move around THEM.

Seriously folks. Every time I go to Costco there are people who stop for no reason in the middle of the aisle. People push the oversize carts with one hand while talking on a cell phone and simultaneously trying to push their way to the front of a sample line (not sure which hand they will grab food with), and people who weave back and forth across the aisle, unsure of which way they want to go. Then there are those who decide to stop in the middle of the aisle, or go soooo s-l-o-w because, well, who knows. These very same people are out there on the roads, with the exact same behavior behind the wheel. They run stop signs, lights and crosswalks, don’t signal when they should, signal when they ought not, and weave around when they can’t decide which way to go.

Now, in all fairness, I am the first to admit I am far from perfect. I was such a horrendous driver when I was younger that I probably should have had my license revoked. No lie. Ask my parents. No wait. Don’t. I am ashamed to say I had an average of one speeding ticket per year the first eleven years I drove. Yes, I said “average”. You do the math. But the point is, as a reformed speed demon, I did wrong for so long that I have a heightened sense of where people are going when I am driving, and I see the very same things from people attempting to maneuver shopping carts. It’s not ok to crash into the cereal aisle, drop their phones and spill their wonder juice samples. It’s REALLY not ok to crash into my car and injure my children, or force me to stop suddenly (and if I spill my coffee there’ll be hell to pay).

Why is it that they MUST take their purse out of the cart and leave it blocking the way while they step across the space that’s left of the aisle to sift through the newest t shirt pile? What is it that causes them to stop mid stream with no care that anyone is behind them?

You might think I haven’t really gotten past my speeding urges, but it’s not that I want to go fast. In fact, I enjoy going slow too. Sometimes I go slow on purpose because grocery shopping may be my only outing of the day. It just seems like the courteous thing to do is to PULL OVER. Don’t we have enough gridlock in our lives? I don’t mind if you want to go slow. I don’t mind if you want a sample of that new fat free nut and raisin bar. I don’t mind if you have to have that t shirt for $15.99 that only Costco sells. It’s just that when you go get it, step aside and let the rest of us pass by. Please.

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