Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black Friday

Since were up at 5am anyway, we changed the kids and went to the mall. Yes, we took our one and a half year old triplets to the mall on ‘Black Friday’. Before you tell me we’re crazy, please remember that we have been functioning in a sleep deprived haze since the kids came home. Granted we are getting more sleep these days, but having triplets and a 13 year old, well, it’s all crazy making. So what difference could there really be going to the mall on this, the grandest shopping day of the year? The answer is, none. It was actually tamer for us to have the kids in strollers and wander through the mall than it would have been to stay home and follow our regular breakfast routine.

When I take the kids anywhere, they are usually pretty reserved, whereas, at home, they scream and romp like little banshees on crack. They climb into the window sill, they fight over toys, steal each others’ bottles, and various other energetic activities that leave me breathless and breaking a sweat. Good thing too, because I no longer have time to go to a gym. Anyway, the point is, they are fairly calm in public, and I am happy that it is this way and not the other way around.

So as we ‘braved’ what we expected to be a mob scene, the kids quietly observed the environment, taking in all the shoppers, lights and letting out a steady stream of “Uhhhhhhhh” whenever the strollers went over bumps and tile cracks. Surprisingly, though probably not good for the retailers, the mall was about as busy as a regular Saturday afternoon, except it was 6:45am. Now, I don’t shop much as it is, and if I did I would likely not be doing it in the middle of a crowded weekend afternoon. I would definitely not be doing it at this early hour ANY day. Maybe if I was single, in my 20s or something I would get up that early. But for the life of me at this point in my life, I would not actively choose to get up to go shopping at this hour.

We chuckled as we looked at the checkout lines. Some were a bit long, but the stores were not overcrowded. We didn’t buy anything, but browsing was easy. We often take two strollers out when we go out with all the kids, and it almost feels like we are incognito as people tend not to notice a single baby or what they think are twins. When we go out with our triple stroller it’s as wide as golf cart and hard to miss.

We ambled along, sipping our coffee, took our time, and had fun. It was great people watching, and interesting to see how many people were dressed up, made up and milling around. Lots of teens being dropped off by parents who I would guess went home to go back to sleep. One woman come out of a store with more bags than she could reasonably carry and shuffled off to her car. I wondered aloud if she was dropping them off and going back in for more.

Before we left my husband decided he had to have Chinese food (for breakfast?) and asked me to drive so he could eat it. The kids could smell it and all they had was their milk. Sorry babies. I had zero appetite for Chinese food at 8am, but, to each his own.

On the way home we drove past a furniture store, let me repeat that, a furniture store, where we saw a line that went all the way down the side of the store in the parking lot, and had a police car parked near the door. In case of a fight breaking out? Because the ottoman wars are all too common in the suburbs right? Also because it’s so likely that someone will run out the door with a sofa.

Honestly, this was probably one of the most pleasant shopping experiences I have had in a long time. Of course, we didn’t spend any money, didn’t stand in any lines and we were out the door by 8am. When I shop online at home I can barely make it through scanning a page for anything for all the crying screaming and general mayhem. Hmm, maybe this should be how I shop from now on . . .

From now on when I need a break from the noise, I will consider going to the mall.

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