Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crash! Boom! Bang!

My kids keep picking fights with large, inanimate objects, against which they have zero chance of winning a fight. What to do, what to do? I wish I knew. Our pediatrician assures me this is normal behavior for almost two years old. That doesn’t stop me from worrying. My friend Jason was horrified to learn that my kids climb into the window sill. Of course they have to get onto and over a gym mat, a mattress and a couch to get there. But does that stop them? Nooooo! If they decide they want to reach something, they will stack up toys, boxes, whatever they can find, if they are unable to climb up on to do it. Jason asked me if I have 50 heart attacks a day. Close, Jason. Close.

I must say that the time period of being sleep deprived was difficult. I was tired but they weren’t mobile. Taking care of the triplets was by far easier than it is getting to be now. Today my daughter smacked her head twice and slammed a finger under a toy. The first head smack was so bad she immediately developed a one inch, purple and ever growing lump on her forehead. After the initial BOOM against the wall, the shrieking was enough to give me a headache. I carted her off to the doctor who is just five minutes from our house and had her checked out. All good. Back home less than an hour later, she smacked the side of her head. In the very same wall spot as the first crash. More shrieking.

In the meantime, the boys are all over the place. One cannot yet walk, but is in a gait trainer and getting around quite nicely. When he is on the floor, he scoots pretty fast on his bottom using his feet to pull him. I can barely keep up with making sure there are cushions behind him in case he falls over and smacks his head on the tile floor. More worry.

The other little guy has already had stitches in his forehead, and all three of them have scrapes and bruises on their knees and chins from running around in the yard. I know this is normal, but with three of them it just feels like so much all at once. The good news is they are keeping my absurdly low blood pressure at a ‘normal’ rate.

I try to keep it light. If I didn’t I would lose my mind. The underlying stress for me is that one of the boys had a stroke the day after they were born. Despite neurological issues, he is cognitively intact and doing remarkably well! However, every time one of them falls I get huge knots in my stomach for worrying of more head injuries. Not sure if this is a common reaction for parents of stroke kids, but it’s how I feel. Sooo, not good with dwelling on the serious lest I increase my blood pressure that much more. But may I offer you a humorous comment? It’s to the point where I hear my heart going Crash! Boom! Bang! as often and almost as loud as the kids running into each other, the wall, tripping over toys and plowing their way into toddlerhood.

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