Thursday, January 14, 2010

Something's Fishy

Even our pediatrician and neurologist couldn’t answer the question. How much fish oil is good for my little ones?

I probably worry too much. But increasingly, as my little ones become bigger ones, I wonder about their brain development. They are all strong in the vocabulary department. It’s the pronunciation that eludes them. For example, one of my boys says “hocks” instead of “socks”. When we say, “Ssssssssss-ocks”, he will repeat, “Ssssssss-Hocks”. It makes us chuckle but I still wonder what I can do to help it along. I have been assured that this is all normal. Okay. I can buy that. After all, I can’t imagine he will be meeting his future wife at the altar saying, “I promith to wove, honow and chairwish you . . .” It will change eventually.

Since my other son had a stroke the day after the triplets were born, I figure omega-3 fish oil is probably good for him. There are plenty of articles and blogs on this topic, including information from the respected Dr. Sears. Yet none of the medical professionals our children see could answer my question. How much do I give them? The rationale for not answering was that studies are ‘unpublished’. Eventually I did get the answer. I got it straight from Dr. Mehmet Oz himself when I had the chance to briefly interview him last week.

Dr. Oz is a fast talking, extremely accomplished and knowledgeable man. So I posed the question to him: What doses of Omega 3s are recommend for different ages and what are the benefits? Though he also told me that fish oil studies are as of yet unpublished, the data shows Omega 3s contribute to cognitive memory increase. Clearly this supplement has value. “Omega 3s are wonderfully effective”, says Dr. Oz.”I give them to my kids daily. They are the most important supplement you can take.” Finally!

I searched around on the internet to find a good price and settled on Dr. Sears’ liquid fish oil for kids. I figure I can sneak it into their milk and then watch them and see if any changes are obvious. While I have no idea what to expect, or any idea in what time frame to expect or not expect any changes, I do know that it can’t hurt them. Their toddler language is often unintelligible to me and their math abilities consist of, “I have one and you have one, and I need the one you have so I have more”. I don’t expect them to suddenly speak multiple languages and do algebra. I guess I just hope that it gives them the brain power necessary to overcome being born so premature.

In the meantime, I was happy to hear Dr. Oz’s three simple rules for daily living:

* Stretch every day
* Include a ton of fiber in food to stabilize metabolism
* Have a purpose to what you pursue – when the heart has no reason to beat, it doesn’t

My mind stretches daily from too much worry, I am pretty sure there is no fiber in my non fat lattes, but now I can rest easy that what I am pursuing keeps my heart beating (if slightly too fast).


  1. Glad you found my Fish Oil Blog so useful! It seems that one of the most promising areas of research for omega-3s are for children. Learning, language, concentration, behavior, etc. Studies show that it helps with all of it.


  2. can actually sneak it into milk? Now that is encouraging. I am going to try it.

    Hilarious post!

  3. I have recently read that 16 babies' lives have been saved at the Boston Childrens' Hospital attributed to fish oil supplements given to them intravenously as Premature babies.

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