Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Kitchen Symphony

February 14, 2010

LexiKids love routine. It turns out, so do adults.

Wash the bottles
Make the coffee
Cut the fruit and waffles up
Serve some to each kid
Clean the counters
Put away the high chairs

That’s breakfast.

I can barely hearken back to the days I slept late and meandered to the coffee shop before work or on weekends. I remember it, it just seems like it was someone else’s life. In those days the biggest decision was what to wear and which of my Starbucks coffee cups I felt like drinking from that day. I suppose that was a routine of sorts, but the choices only affected me.

Once we get naps underway, and oh yesss, the routine is in full effect for that dance, I have a little time to do whatever I want around the house. That usually involves some sort of getting on the computer with every intention of writing, doing a little work, or paying bills. Sometimes some of that even gets done.

Lunch and dinner are the same kitchen symphony. The cookie tray makes its metal banging noise as it the heat rises in the oven for the chicken nuggets, the pan sizzles as food is cooked, the forks get smacked against the high chair trays, the refrigerator doors open and shut in their own rhythm. I often find myself moving around the kitchen to the beat of it all, picking up fallen food and dropped water cups. Then I realize, I depend on this routine too. Though free and easy might sound good at times, on the whole, routine is what makes running a house full of kids work well. And the carefree choosing of a coffee cup just can’t compare to playing dress up with my kids, reading books with them and hearing their goofy laughter when they jump off the couch together. I count on it. 

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