Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Noise and Routine

April 20, 2010

NoiseMostly I can’t stand the noise or the crying. It doesn’t always bother me if they are upset. I can deal with whatever they have going on. But I feel like I have to keep taking these deep breaths and sighing and exhaling to stay calm when the noise level reaches a point where I can’t hear myself think any longer. What to do, what to do. I can’t hide in the garage, they know how to open the door. I can’t go outside, they want to go too. I can no longer put them in a pack-n-play, they can escape. 

I have recently changed our morning routine to keep them more occupied, with ‘distraction and action’ as my new mantra. Taking advantage of the time change, I have been trying to get my seemingly naturally early risers to sleep later.  That seems to be working mostly. After a later breakfast, or a second breakfast if they don’t eat enough the first go around, they play, then we read. When we sit down to read, we all prop up on pillows, cover our legs with blankets, and everyone takes a nice, deep breath. Genius! Once we have plowed our way through the same 10 books, they play some more, and then – it’s nap time. I live for that some days. 
This is, unfortunately, one more thing I am trying to adjust. Being very early risers follows with late morning naps instead of after lunch naps. This means we can’t go to classes anywhere because all the programs for their age group are held in the mornings. Play dates are tough to squeeze in with this schedule too. After lunch, it is one lonnnnnnng  stretch of backyard bubbles, fighting over toys and indoor noise until dinner and bath time. Then we do it all over again the next day. Most days it’s ok. But some days I just want world peace, err, peace in my world. 

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