Wednesday, June 16, 2010


January 28, 2010

This past holiday season was the first one where my kids opened presents. Before that they didn’t knowPanda  what a present was. After one day they were asking, "Presents, Mama, more presents?" I tried to go easy with gifts, but I got a little carried away.
I ended up filling a bin with toys that have outgrown, and another with some of the new stuff. I need to start rotating toys in and out of play. Three kids alone is enough, forget about the toy mess. Goodwill here I come. All they really needed was the paper. Then I got the bright idea to take the used wrapping paper and re-wrap the toys they already have so they could keep opening presents. Not sure if that was clever or if it will perpetuate the desire for ‘more’, but they had fun. I wonder how many years I can get away with that?

Their second birthday followed the holidays a month later. Given my daughter’s long standing obsession with panda bears, it seemed inevitable that she would receive more than the one she already has (that we have to pry from her death grip sleeping fingers as she lays on it at night in order to wash it). And she did. One dressed in a cute ice skating outfit, and another that talks. And two books with a panda on the cover. God help us all when one of the boys gets ahold of panda. Mayhem breaks out in the form of, “Paaaaan-daaaa!”and “PAN-da!” and “Pan-DAHHHHH!” When panda is safely nestled back into her loving arms, the sounds turn to a cooey, “Pandaaaaaa” and huge smiles. The boys each got an animal of their own this time around. A frog for one, (Hop Hop), and Barney for the other. Suddenly I am grandparent to a frog, a purple dinosaur and zoo animals as they all parentally feed, clothe and care for their menagerie.
Amongst the birthday spoils was a doctor kit from their beloved sitter KK, who taught them how to use the pieces in it. Daily we are now getting our hearts and ears checked, along with temperatures and pulses. Of course the ‘babies’ are getting checked too, and receiving shots as needed. At two years old they are mimicking everything we do (gotta watch the language). I’m just glad they also got brooms and a dustpan in their gift pile.

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