Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Splish Splash

February 22, 2010

LexiFrom time to time when I am washing endless bottles and sippy cups, I feel the warm water running over my hands and think about how nice it would be to just sit in a Jacuzzi, or a hot bath. Then I think about what it would take to get to the point where that would be possible. Sigh. After feeding, dressing, playing with and refereeing between three two year olds all day, it’s all I can do to get THEM bathed. No fair. They get to splash around in a bath tub, make a mess, NOT clean it up, then wiggle into fleecy jammies and go to bed listening to soft music.

The bed and bath time routine covers a nightly rendition of the clean up song (we have to sing it every night to put all the toys away), a disrobing where my daughter decides she is suddenly amped and ready to run around the house until we can catch her and steal the clothes off her body, and a special march into the bedroom to put Panda and Barney in bed before hopping into the tub.

For many months now I have been eyeing our hot tub in the back yard with a longing I cannot put into words. Unfortunately, cleaning up the water in it and maintaining it just isn’t high enough on the priority list. Things like groceries and doctor appointments keep getting in my way.

Perhaps that is why when my kidlets make such a huge ruckus in the tub, toss their toys out laughing, I sometimes don’t have as much patience as maybe I should. Tonight I smiled at it, remembering that they are having fun. It’s pretty great to see them bonding with each other. I just wish I was the one bonding with the hot water.

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