Monday, August 23, 2010

School Days . . .

I was always consumed by the school supply aisle when we went shopping. I could stand there for hours, or at least until my mom dragged me away, ogling the pencil cases, folders and the latest fad at that time, White Out. How I longed for just one more ball point pen, in blue ink of course, and perhaps another pink pearl eraser. If I was lucky, I could borrow a colored pencil from a friend and color in some of the pictures on my yellow peechee folder.  I loved to make fake nails with glue on my plastic ruler. All you had to do was drop some glue into the curved indent in the center and watch it take shape. Then I pressed them on my nails and voila!

Fast forward . . . my stepson has been experiencing back to school for many years now. As he enters 8th grade, he is pretty much over school supplies. He coordinates what he needs but really he just wants to sleep. This year his school district has shortened the school year. So while other kids are going back in August, he has another full month before he starts. He finished his summer reading long ago and is now comfortably bored.

At the other end of the spectrum are my little ones. At two and a half with a January birthday, I didn’t expect to send them to preschool until next year. But with the therapy schedule one of them has, I am gone so much that the other two being stuck at home seems like a less good idea than a social/school environment. So school it is! They are super excited to go to school with their friend Kelly, and even more so to take their lunch bags along. I was worried they would not be ready, but they sing songs, know their ABCs and count to ten. Plus my daughter will climb to the top of anything, so I am guessing the yard slide won’t be an issue. I think it’s me that isn’t ready. Anyone relate?

All of a sudden I don’t need my sitters any more. All of a sudden my kids are close to potty trained. All of a sudden I might not need to buy as many diapers. All of a sudden my kids won’t be home as much. How in the heck did they get to be almost three?!?! What will I do with myself? All of a sudden I am giddy with thoughts of lining up lunch bags, small snack packets, sandwiches, juice boxes, and yes, wait for it . . . the school supply aisle! Ok, so they won’t be ready for that for awhile. But it’s been a long time since I could linger there and actually need something. I am simultaneously wistful and excited. But I know that one day they will be graduating high school and my husband and I will look at each other and ask, “What just happened??” until then, there’s a cute ladybug lunch bag on sale at Toys R Us, and pencil cases in a variety of colors for $1.99, and  . . .


  1. It's funny, I'm not into clothes shopping (at all!), but I do love shopping in the art/school supply aisles of the store. I'd love to say that it's because I'm artistically gifted, but that would be a lie. I think there's something about the potential that comes with a new pad of paper or set of crayons. I hope all your kiddos have a great year ahead and that they--and you--enjoy the newness of it all!

  2. I totally understand!!

    My 18 year old left for college last week, and my toddler started preschool the same week.

    It's surreal to remember taking my daughter to preschool and as I walked away from her dorm I thought, "The first of six... will my heart keep from breaking"

    Good luck on holding those memories close to you.

  3. Your children are adorable! Love how they each chose a different backpack (or, lunch bag?)
    btw, I found your site from Hopeful Parents, and am commenting to an older post, so you may not see this comment.