Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gone Viral

Ah, the doe eyed days of sweet motherhood. In the days that followed my children's first day of preschool, I was relieved, nervous, excited. I had visions of indiscernible, marker-streaked, paper art, macaroni decorated cards and birthday cupcakes for the whole class . . . (insert loud record scratch here)
Five doctor visits, three prescriptions, numerous grocery store trips for more Pedialyte and one late night drugstore run for a new vaporizer later, those doe eyed days seem like a story I read somewhere. Oh right. I read it in my head.
We've managed to survive two ear infections, pneumonia, a sinus infection and three colds in only five weeks of school. Geez, my kids don't even go every day. This is no small way a big FAT “Thank you!” to the sweet little girl in my kids' class who is routinely there with thick ribbons of yellow snot running down her face. WTH?? My whole family is sick now. I asked the teacher why this child was allowed to be there? The reply? “Her mother said she was ok”. THAT is not ok. I am not one to complain about the circumstances of my life no matter what they are. But this was too much. With all we already have on our plates, I was really upset. I had heard about the preschool germfests, and the ‘virus of the week’ making the rounds when your kids finally start school. But please. I was beside myself that someone could leave their child at school when she was clearly unwell. Should I send mine in when they are sick because ‘oh well, they are all sick anyway?’
Everyone says that by the time my kids get to kindergarten they will have super tough immune systems because of this. I worry extra that my CP son will have difficulties with an infection in his shunt. There are days I feel like a super tough parent. There are days I don’t. This day I did not. It’s super tough to get six people over that much illness all at once. Viruses don’t respond to antibiotics. They are super tough. I’m going to have to become a virus.