Monday, July 25, 2011

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere!

I used to get chided when I was in the corporate world for not having a messy desk. I had 10 in-boxes, one for each department I managed. I turned paperwork sideways so it stuck out if it was urgent. Everything else got prioritized below that. Then I could just grab what I needed without digging through a pile of junk, old coffee cups and my phone cord (as if my desk would ever look like that). I was often accused of having nothing to do. That wasn’t the case, I just got things done fast. I was often bored.

So when Storitz, the leader in Los Angeles Self Storage, asked me to record my take on cleaning for them, I took a deep breath (coughed a little from some dust and fuzz bunnies), and thought about that. Things aren’t as ‘tidy’ as back in the day when I wore suits and heels. Not sure what to lead with. We have a 14 year-old stepson, three-year old triplets. And I’m a type A who loves things in order. Is that even possible?

I tend to move from room to room over a few days, grouping things together then I move back in the same circle and go through the groups, first sorting, then divesting our lives of unnecessary junk. Did I really think I needed that sunflower salt and pepper shaker set I bought when - geez, I can’t even remember when I bought it. Sigh. I am most motivated when I can no longer stand the clutter. I start tossing toys into bins and magazines into the trash. In the beginning, I did my kids’ share. Then I realized I didn’t have to. I am pretty darn fast at putting things away, and I am extremely efficient. I do a bunch of things well, but I am exceptional at keeping things organized. Apple, meet tree. They could learn to do this too.

My life is crazy busy, and quite full. There is always something to clean, straighten and organize. And I am never bored! Tired, but never bored. And I don’t have to ever wear nylons again.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bake Me a Cake As Fast As You Can . . .

Click here to read a recent post I wrote on Yahoo. Enjoy!

Kids Like This

What does that mean? My son’s occupational therapist said that the other day in passing, and I know she meant it as a general catch-all about disabled children. But it got me to thinking. Ok, first my defensiveness rose up and I thought, “What do you mean KIDS LIKE THIS??” Then I took a deep breath, which is what I often have my kids do to help them navigate out of a meltdown (which sometimes works). Isn’t it easier to have an opinion about someone or something when it doesn’t affect you directly? So I wondered, what IS my kid like?
I guess I don’t think of my child as a ‘kid like this’. If I am to value his uniqueness, I won’t define him by his Cerebral Palsy, or any of his other diagnoses. Sure, it’s a fact of his life, but so are his blue eyes. I also don’t think of my children as triplets. They are my three children. Who happened to be born at the same time. However, this IS the way it is. Therapy, doctors, insurance, babysitters and planning are part of what we do, just like another kid’s parents plan soccer classes, ballet, skating or homework time. So what does ‘this’ mean? Is he the same as other kids with CP? Is he the same as other three year olds? Triplets? Boys? First born?
He’s funny, charming, sweet, annoying at times, tiring when he wants to walk and my back hurts but I have to help him anyway, smart when I hear him sing the ABCs in French, and three years old when he is screaming in therapy that he wants to stop working and go home and refuses to unfurl his affected hand or walk. Seems normal to me.
‘This’ is what my kid is ‘like’.