Saturday, December 31, 2011

Red Cup Season: "Let's Rediscover Why We're Best Friends"

Friends are so important. Not just during the holidays, but all the time. Here's my end of the year take on it. Simple and sweet.

Red cup season is now over. Sniff, sniff. I am an admitted coffee addict, and I love a good cup of Starbucks. Judge me (or not), but it’s what I like. I especially like the simple change of seasons displayed in their stores. It’s not grandiose, it’s not in your face, it’s not religious. It’s just nice. 

Red cup season means the return of pumpkin spice drinks (so tasty!) as well as other delectable beverages to suit various taste buds. I personally am not a fan of peppermint, but the options for uber fattening (unless you choose the ‘skinny’ option) but oh so enjoyable drinks are lengthy. 

This year, the cups featured skaters. ICE skaters. Two of my favorite things, in once place all season. Sigh. In a crazy, stressful world, how could this uncomplicated symbol go unappreciated? I am not one to acquiesce to a lot of marketing gimmicks. We don’t watch or listen to commercials and heaven forbid we look down at the grocery store and see the visual assault that is floor advertising. But as it turns out, the right marketing even works on me.

There was no escaping it. I wasn’t enjoying the cup now simply because it signaled the seasonal change. I was looking at the skaters, and then I even looked at the words on the cup. And the coffee bags. And the door stickers. Let’s Merry. When we’re together, every day is a snow day.  When we’re together, snowmen come to life.  When we’re together, I know I’ll never fall. Ok, that last one, can’t buy that. I’ve been throwing my body at the ice for far too many decades to believe that anyone or anything can keep me from falling. 

Sadly, gravity will always work. As 2011 draws to a close, I have recounted the speed bumps my family has encountered and reflected on what to do with what we’ve learned and are still learning. What I know for sure is that I have a healthy, beautiful family, and an amazing group of women friends around me. Each one of those people feels like a red cup to me. Providing snow, magically bringing something to life, catching me when I fall. Making merry whether or not they feel like it. offering opportunities at every turn to continually rediscover why we’re best friends. And oh how I appreciate those red cups and the warmth they carry. 

Originally published at MomsLA: "Let's Rediscover Why We're Best Friends"

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