Friday, August 16, 2013

Plane Fun!

We haven't been on a family outing in awhile, so while searching the web I came across a free activity that turned out to be a lot of fun!

Lowe’s offers a 'Build & GrowFree Kids’ Clinic', and this month they are promoting Disney's movie 'Planes'.  I signed all three kids up and told them I had a surprise for them. We don't watch commercials, so they are mildly aware of the movie, and tried earnestly to convince me that the airplane's name was Rusty and not Dusty. Of course they know more than I do. 

We arrived to find a moderate sized line of families tucked all the way in a back corner of the store. Lowe’s provided small hammers and pliers along with the plane building kits, but it actually took some true grown up elbow grease to get them assembled. But it was fun and a quick and easy way to surprise the kids and keep them busy on a hot summer afternoon!


Later on we stopped by the Apple store, always a favorite destination for our geeked-out clan. They always know how to entertain everyone.

Suburban Sunday. Nothing complicated, but kept everyone busy and got us out of the house!