Sunday, December 1, 2013


December 1st is a big morning in our house.

Every year the kids have daily visits with our 'Elf on the Shelf'. They named him 'Elfie' a few years ago, and have now, after three years, realized that he arrives just after Thanksgiving to observe them throughout December. He reports back to Santa. Are you going to behave? Do you want Santa to bring you a gift? It's very effective. 

This morning when they came downstairs, they sadly remarked that they guessed Elfie decided not to come. I wish I had been fast enough to get downstairs ahead of them. When they finally found where he was hiding, they shrieked with giddiness and could not contain themselves. I would have recorded it but I was limping down the stairs as fast as my slug of a hip would let me. 

The little imp was found casually lounging on our Simpsons wall clock. 

I got there just in time for this. 

The last few years Elfie has been tame. But I have seen other Elves getting into mischief. Makes me wonder what he'll get up to this year. He better clean it up if he makes a mess. 

A great alternative a friend posted today are these Kindness Elves. What a great opportunity to guide kids in a positive direction for the meaning of the holidays, and beyond. 

Do you have a holiday house elf? What do they get into or do? What did you name it?