Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!


My daughter has a knack for wearing patterns, colors and styles that most anyone, even the fashioned challenged, would think are, well, fashioned challenged. Yet somehow, she pulls it off. I think it has to do with personality. I know for me, I tend to wear black with accented colors. I prefer leggings to jeans, boots to sneakers and eagerly await the colder weather to choose from my collection of scarves. My boys on the other hand, have generally worn just about whatever I put out for them.

I had a chance to browse the latest Spring looks at the Children's Place this week, and I expected it to be a little challenging. But the trip did not disappoint! Lately I have had a hard time finding things my kids will wear. They are getting pickier.

One thing I like about Children's Place is that the material is soft. My daughter fell in love with her clothes right away, not something that always happens. Her sensory issues have calmed down some, but she won’t wear anything snug (read: in her size). So all of her clothes, underwear and even shoes, are a full size too big for her. That makes her happy. And boy howdy that makes me happy. It’s a lot less screaming when her shoes and socks decide to pick a fight with her. (Note the beautiful (and loose) horse shirt and shoes that though you can't see it, end long after her toes do.) I have given away, sold or donated more clothes than I can say, simply because they 'didn't feel right'. Not a worry with The Children's Place!

My son's wardrobe however, would not be complete without a tie. He wore it to school as you see it here, happy to have impressed the ladies. And by ladies I mean, his teachers. This cute tee I found states his attitude toward everything.  

Superheroes are a must for my other little guy. He loves to wear clothes that show off his super powers. In this case, muscles.

The Children's Place has plenty of choices, all comfortable, and some really beautiful dressier clothes too. Check out their new location in Tarzana!

I even ran into some friends while shopping here. 
The cute clothes, the cuter friends, Smells like spring flowers.  #placespring 

** I received store credit at The Children’s Place to facilitate this feature. **