Monday, July 7, 2014

I Won't Miss the Sand

It finally happened. I have seen it with others, the tears, the head shaking, the 'How did we get here so fast?' comments. The look of bewilderment at the pick up gate on the last day of school, masked only by and in direct proportion to the amount of caffeine intake from the day this far. Oh, and whether or not there was mascara on.

Kindergarten. Ending.

For some this marks the end of the 'little years'. For me this means the sandbox is no longer a part of our lives carpet.

I truly could not have imagined just how fast indeed the time would fly past us. Certainly not when I had no children. Certainly not while trying to conceive. Most definitely not while pregnant. But then - BAM! Babies everywhere. No time for eating! No time for sleeping! No time for . . . well, you get the idea. And I began to wonder, in my hormonal and sleep deprived haze, just how it is that time seems so very different in its passage when you have children.

I figured it out eventually. And by eventually, I mean when I had the guts to take triplets out of the house alone and to the drive thru Starbucks for some java lifeblood. nevermind that the Starbuck's was two freeways, a mountain range and three towns over. It was worth every shoulder-tensed wheel turn. Oh how they slept, soothed by the car's motion. Little by little, I pieced together one entire thought. Nevermind that it took five years to make that happen. I am now able to piece together two, sometimes three complete thoughts. In a week. If I'm lucky. And the noise level in our house hasn't reached a sonic boom.

My point is this - when you don't have children, or at least, when I didn't, time moves differently by how you perceive it. I clock-watched at work. I wondered how much longer I had to stay on the elliptical for that guy over yonder at the gym to ask me out. How much time I had spent in traffic and on airplanes for work, etc. How long it would take me to decide what to eat for dinner.

After I had the triplets, I was so consumed with everything baby, and everything, well, everything, that I forgot what a clock was. Time warped and morphed into something unrecognizable. No late night movie marathons, no midnight snacks (unless it was for a small being who needed it) and most definitely, No sleeping in. Scratch that - NO. Sleeping. At. All. Time passes in a completely different manner.

So, {rip sound to current scene} - I felt no strong emotions as my children went through their respective ceremonies and completions of Kindergarten.) If you read my very early posts you'll see some of what our family went through initially.)  I was not sad that they are moving on to 1st grade. I was relieved! I am of course incredulous that and at how fast the time has indeed passed.

Two of my kids have been at a school where they played in an amazing yard daily and had a wonderful group of friends and teachers. But each and every day, they brought sand home in their shoes, clothes and hair. I swear our house may be covered in it until they leave for college. Don't get me wrong, I did some weeping when Kindergarten was over. But I wasn't stealing furtive glances at older kids and silently begging my own not to grow. Sidenote: my daughter has already declared her desire for a phone. Sigh.

Ok, relieved and a little scared. Nonetheless, I was shedding a few tears
of relief in my adult beverage that as much as I will miss their little Kindergarten faces and all that came with it, as of this moment:

I Won't Miss the Sand.


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  1. Truth: I'd almost forgotten about the days (and days and days) of my kids coming home with Stride Rites full of sand they always waited to empty once they were inside the house.


    I miss those days. I really do. I just don't miss the sweeping :-)