Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh Soooper Undies!

My son loves all things ‘super’. His current obsession is Mickey Mouse and ‘Super Toodles’. He runs aoround the house asking me if I see the Mouse-ke-tools and calling, “Oh Soooooper Toooodles!” What he doesn’t like is potty training. To be fair, he has Cerebral Palsy, and his body doesn’t want to cooperate much more than he does. It’s been a struggle to get him to even entertain the idea of wearing underwear. Over his diaper.  This summer he somehow relented and even got excited about underwear. Finally. I got him cute stuff with minions on them, frogs, whatever he likes.

Then we had a chance to review Super Undies. I was intrigued, initially just by the name. We have never used cloth diapers, and I wasn’t keen on having to wash these. They didn’t work for us during the day, primarily because I only had two of them. So changing more frequently was impractical. But if you have more they’ll do the trick nicely. The upside is that my son wore them at night and had NO LEAKS. That was a first for us. So even though the diaper has to be washed, the sheets don’t!

Super Undies come in a variety of colors and sizes, and make potty
training fun. We tried the pull on diaper and the snap on diaper, and both were fantastic. These are far better than disposable diapers because they provide the opportunity for your child to feel the wetness around them and begin to understand what is happening.

These are also wonderful for special needs children. They are soft, comfortable and come in larger sizes for children who are delayed in toileting.

Super Undies has a YouTube channel where you can watch how the undies work. Check it out!

You can wash these very easily by turning them inside out and washing and drying with your other clothes. They are soft, only slightly bulky and very comfortable. By the second day my son was asking for these over his character undies.

Super Undies were born in 2007 and have become very popular as a potty training aid. They were created by Laura Wojciechowski, owner of Star Bunz Diapers.

** I received a pair of Pull On Super Undies and a pair of Snap On Super Undies to facilitate this feature. **

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