Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dust Bunnies and Other Tasty Treats

I cleaned a bin of toys out in my daughter's room. Here is what I found:

  • 3 purple sparkly bunnies
  • 1 kitchen egg timer
  • 1 faceless dinosaur
  • 6 mismatched doll size ice skates
  • 1 stringless panda tree ornament, listing without a way to be hung up
  • An assortment of bug catching and inspecting 'equipment'
  • 2 Pez dispensers (Ariel and Jessie, hanging out)
  • 3 flashlights 
  • 1 tiny gumby
  • 6 rubber ducks
  • 5 spin thingies 
  • 10 doll brushes
  • 11 plastic carrots, because, you know, horses

  • 1 bicycle bell, sans bicycle
  • 1 non working kitchen bell timer
  • 1 captain America shield
  • 1 rain stick (homemade)
  • An assortment of Legos (none of which I stepped on, whew)
  • 3 flags (2 American, 1 pirate)
  • 1 deflated beach ball
  • 2 yo-yos

  • 2 handmade Madeline stick dolls (she's an 'artiste')
  • A large variety of farm and other animals, real and imaginary. Some looked to be of the 2-by-2 groupings (no ark in sight), but among them were a family of piggies, one of zebras, and a Hello Kitty group that had one dressed as a bumblebee. Also included was a clearly misguided and identity searching rubber duck and a well fed ladybug.

No, I did not find a partridge, nor did I come across a pear tree. I would have enjoyed encountering a pear martini. And for reference and everyone's benefit, dust bunnies are a decidedly excellent manner in which to kill an appetite. You're welcome.

(ptooey, ptooey)


  1. You are a brave woman. I'm too scared to see what's in the bottom of our toy bins. Maybe you can come over and inspire me over a pear martini ��

  2. I'll help you organize anytime! I have no idea how to make a pear martini, but I'm willing to find out!