Friday, August 15, 2014

Size Up for Fall?

It's already time for school to start. 
It seems like it begins earlier every year. So be ready!

Each year I sort through clothes my children have outgrown. Each year it gets harder to imagine they were ever as small as they once were. Once the old clothes are out, I have to figure out what they will wear in larger sizes. That has been fairly easy to do so far. But that's because I got to choose. It seems they now have opinions on what goes on their bodies. Hmm. I always operated under the philosophy of, "If I want your opinion, I'll give it to you". Despite my best intentions to remain true to that,  they now ask for certain things to wear, like belts or hats, or specific types of shirts or dresses. 

I didn't need a lot, but what I did need I was fortunate enough to find in one place before the school year begins. I truly like shopping at Children's Place. They offer low prices you might find in a discount store, but always feels like a department store. 

My horse loving daughter went to sleep with glitter on her face from hugging  this shirt . It's very important to have soft textured clothing for her sensory challenges. With very few exceptions, I find much of the fabrics at The Children's Place to be soft enough for her.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan in our house was so excited to see this shirt he could not stop jumping up and down.

And this guy is eager to get on a skateboard like his older brother, so this shirt was perfect. He just doesn't know he'll have to wait awhile for the actual board experience. 

I even found a cute purse for my niece and a shirt for my nephew for their birthdays, and they are several years older than my children. 

The equine fan cannot get enough of her horse toys, and has begged for 'western' boots for quite some time. She has no idea these will 'appear' under the tree this Christmas. I'm not sure I can wait that long to see her face. 

** I received store credit at The Children’s Place to facilitate this feature. **

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