Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Elf Arrival

It seems that the door we created did actually encourage Elfie to arrive a day early! I told my kids that they would have to be very good, as he has never before arrived early. They thought about it and decided that it was worth it, and lo and behold, they followed through. Suddenly were sharing, being inclusive and cleaning up. Thus far the only thing my daughter has enjoyed cleaning is a horse's stall. No joke.

"Mommy! I got to muck the  stall!"
"Doesn't that mean you cleaned up horse poop?"
"Yes! Can I stay a little longer to sweep everything?"
"Umm, surrrre."

And by everything, she means the whole barn. I'm still trying to understand this.

When we returned from dinner tonight, there on the living room floor, was Elfie's book, a letter and three presents.

Elfie has never before given presents, but this time he also had a request.

Once the screaming died down, my daughter determined that Elfie decided to arrive today because she "hadn't even been mean yet today".

It's only the prequel. Nothing really happens until the second half and all that. It's not even December yet.

Stay tuned . . .

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  1. Wow. I will get an elf if it means hearing those words come out of my sons' mouths!