Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Grand Finale!

Every day my kids talk about their 'show' they will perform at the house. Each time something funny happens or someone says something that makes them laugh, they decide whether or not that will become part of their 'Grand Finale'.

Today, Elfie was moving around a lot. While the kids are sad he is leaving until next year, they are jumping out of their skin that Santa arrives tonight!

First, he appeared to be making a call on his candy cane phone. 
And tethering it to our land line.

Then he jumped in the blender. Candy cane Elf shake, anyone?

And lastly, he rested on the piano with a few pictures 
and ceramic friends to say good bye.

He did leave some parting gifts for the little ones. 

See you in 11 months Elfie!

Just hanging around and laughing when we discovered Elfie today! And below him we found wrapping bubbles that the kids love to pop. He must have gotten into the closet where the gifts are and taken out the packing! 

He also left some jokes that left the kids in stitches for a few days. Nonstop hilarity!

Acrobatic Elfie

The little red guy somehow got up to some Yoga in the middle of the night. A candy cane had been looped through the handles as well, but I think it managed to find its way into my daughter's hands. I am hoping Elfie wasn't touched. He already got captured by a bad toy last time the kids weren't kind to each other.

Moving Toward the Door

Elfie seemed a little homesick. I can't blame him. He's been all over our house for close to a month, and every morning he gets screamed at/near by three small children. When they were smaller they looked for him but were slightly more confused by the whole thing. But as much as he loves them and they love him, he's gotta be short on hearing by now.

So I followed the kids dutifully to find Elfie on this morning, and he was lounging by his 'magic' door. Soon Elfie, soon.

It's Curtains for the Elf

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Little Behind

Got a little 'behind' in my posts. You writer's group gal pals of mine will know  just what I mean by this. For the rest of you, I present . . .

Season's Greetings!
(a pictorial)

Enjoying some quality time with the Big Guy, 
under the watchful eye of the Tree Angel

Playing 'hide and seek' amidst the flowers
while he thinks of his next move . . .

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Busy Little Elf

This guy has been busy! I'm pretty sure he was perched up on this high shelf to watch the monster storm we just had. Or maybe he just needed a shelf.

And who needs crossfit when you have to climb on counter tops and your kids' table and chairs just to help your Elf learn how to zip line? I mean, he had to do it, so I had to help him.

He better appreciate it. He better be putting in a really good word for me with the big guy. Which could be Santa, or my husband.

A Studious Elf, He Is

Elfie had his nose stuck in this book all day. Makes us wonder if he has snow tricks up his sleeve.  He better not make a mess.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Homesick, Then Hungry . . .

Poor little Elfie. When the kids went looking for him, again, they could not find him. This year he is getting more crafty at hiding. But I didn't get the feeling he was actually hiding. Sure enough, he was head first in a graham cracker box. 

I told the kids we need to leave him some food. So we got candy canes and we'll see if he likes them. 

After that adventure, he seemed to need a nap. He chose the highest shelf of the tallest window, and it appears he is taking a liking to the California 'winter'. 


Friday, December 5, 2014

Chill Out

Yesterday afternoon, the kids were playing outside and having a grand time. Tag, hide and seek, and getting red cheeked from the cold air. Well, cold for here, not Minnesota cold. And certainly not North Pole cold. As it got dark, the started to file in, hungry and tired. I heard a shriek, and they all erupted into more screaming when they realized Elfie was no longer face down on the printer. Post selfie, they could not imagine where he had gone. They looked in all the obvious places, and having no luck, began to look teary-eyed. My daughter begged me to let her look for him before her shower, but to no avail.

She showered, and then . . . "MOMMMM!!!!!" He's in HEEEERE!" We all gravitated to the kitchen. My son was standing in front of the refrigerator, mouth agape and eyes totally lit up. Apparently Elfie had take up residence on the top shelf of the fridge.

They couldn't understand why he was in there, but were so relieved to find him before bedtime, they no longer questioned it. We suggested that maybe since Elfie is from the North pole, he was homesick for the cold. Maybe being in the fridge helped him feel closer to home. 

Once we had a chilled elf, I hoped my kids would chill out, leaving me to ave a chilled beverage. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Elfie Selfie

Line breaks: selfie
Pronunciation: /ˈsɛlfi 

Definition of selfie in English:

NOUN (plural selfies)

photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media:occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I'm Freee, Fallin' . . .

Elfie escaped the clutches of the monster toy. Whew. The kids were relieved to see that the tape 'restraints' no longer contained their precious Elfie.

For his next location, Elife chose to inhabit Sam's stocking and rest his weary arms on the "M" of our Merry Christmas banner. The kids figured he chose Sam's stocking and not one of theirs because they hadn't yet been as kind to each other as they should be.

We spent today skating, and it's been raining buckets for a few days. I am enjoying the cold weather. It finally feels like winter! Having Elfie around makes it all the more magic. Let's see what he thinks up tomorrow . . .

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Help Me!

It look slike my kids were not quite as kind to each other yesterday as they could have been. This morning we awoke to find poor Elfie strung up on the sliding door. It appears he was commandeered by another toy. This can only happen if his magic is diminished.

Is that the same guy
who scared Frosty in the mountains?
We thought for awhile this morning over breakfast and getting ready for school, about what Elfie could mean by "Help Me!" We came to the conclusion that today needed to be a better day, and perhaps the magic would get stronger if they all behaved. We'll see if he breaks free by the time they get home . . .

Monday, December 1, 2014

Splish Splash, Elfie's in the Bath??

Since he arrived a day early, Elfie apparently decided he needed some extra scrub-up time. Who knew Elves take marshmallow bubble baths!