Friday, December 5, 2014

Chill Out

Yesterday afternoon, the kids were playing outside and having a grand time. Tag, hide and seek, and getting red cheeked from the cold air. Well, cold for here, not Minnesota cold. And certainly not North Pole cold. As it got dark, the started to file in, hungry and tired. I heard a shriek, and they all erupted into more screaming when they realized Elfie was no longer face down on the printer. Post selfie, they could not imagine where he had gone. They looked in all the obvious places, and having no luck, began to look teary-eyed. My daughter begged me to let her look for him before her shower, but to no avail.

She showered, and then . . . "MOMMMM!!!!!" He's in HEEEERE!" We all gravitated to the kitchen. My son was standing in front of the refrigerator, mouth agape and eyes totally lit up. Apparently Elfie had take up residence on the top shelf of the fridge.

They couldn't understand why he was in there, but were so relieved to find him before bedtime, they no longer questioned it. We suggested that maybe since Elfie is from the North pole, he was homesick for the cold. Maybe being in the fridge helped him feel closer to home. 

Once we had a chilled elf, I hoped my kids would chill out, leaving me to ave a chilled beverage. 

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