Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Grand Finale!

Every day my kids talk about their 'show' they will perform at the house. Each time something funny happens or someone says something that makes them laugh, they decide whether or not that will become part of their 'Grand Finale'.

Today, Elfie was moving around a lot. While the kids are sad he is leaving until next year, they are jumping out of their skin that Santa arrives tonight!

First, he appeared to be making a call on his candy cane phone. 
And tethering it to our land line.

Then he jumped in the blender. Candy cane Elf shake, anyone?

And lastly, he rested on the piano with a few pictures 
and ceramic friends to say good bye.

He did leave some parting gifts for the little ones. 

See you in 11 months Elfie!

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