Monday, April 27, 2015

Things that are bad for you

What are some things that are bad for you?

This feels like a Family Feud question. So here into, running up to the podium and slapping that big fat red buzzer. Alarm clocks! Do we see alarm clocks? Why yes we do. Woot. I just bought my team some time.

It's a good thing too. Because they're bad for you. Why? Because people need sleep. I know I do. I have a variety of reasons for insomnia, and when it hits it hits hard. I am a night owl by nature, so when I try to sleep early I wake up at waaaay the wrong time of night and can't get back to sleep. Or, I stay up late hoping I can tire myself out but good, and as soon as I lie down - ha ha, joke's on me. My brain starts up, keeps going, flat out refuses to shut down. There are nights I am awake all night. Or at least until about 530am - right when the kids start waking up.

No way do I need an alarm clock. I just need to sleep when my body lets me. Because that's realistic with kids. How is it that they wake up at such early times? I just know that once they become teenagers they won't want to budge. I can't relate. I've ALWAYS been this way. But my kids will probably change. Just to spite me. But they'll be in for a surprise when they get alarm clocks for Christmas.

Yes indeed. Alarm clocks are bad for you.

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