About Me

Kids are loud, messy and expensive. With eight year-old triplets and a 19 year-old stepson in college, I am pretty sure there is nowhere louder than our house. How do I do it? I don't fold anything. Really. Folding is overrated. I set alarms in time to get to school pick up before all the good parking spots are gone. I can usually be found desperately wishing for ear plugs on days ending in “Y”. 

I write about whatever is on my mind. Sometimes it is special needs, sometimes it is cake. Or the frosting. I like the frosting best. Cake is mostly just a vehicle, but not to be entirely discounted. "Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake." ~ Life Expectancy, by Dean Koontz

It’s all about zone defense. 


  1. Let me be the first to comment on how totally awesome your about me blurb is! Love it! Frosting, cake, anything with sugar in it usually numbs the sensations of kids driving you either mad or blissfully elated from happiness.

  2. Thanks! I almost changed it today. Glad I didn't!